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UNLIMITED 15-minute laser-focused strategy calls for 12 months.

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What is Laser Coaching?

Laser coaching is exactly what it says. It’s laser-focused, to-the-point 15-minute calls that are super-targeted to help you decide on your next best steps so that you can accomplish your goals and bring about the results you want FAST.

After an initial 30-minute breakthrough call, you can have as many 15-minute laser-focused strategy calls as you like during our 12-month period together. All you need to do is take the agreed action from our last call BEFORE booking your next session.

And if you haven’t, well we can dig into that too. If you’re struggling to complete your action steps but don’t know why, we can jump on a call to discover what’s holding you back so that you can move forward.

Just like having a coach in your back pocket for whenever you need help most, the simple 5-step strategy that I use during each call will help you to get unstuck and super clear on what you want, create a solid action plan and CRUSH your goals WITHOUT getting distracted, side-tracked, doubting your capabilities or falling at the last hurdle.

Laser coaching is different...

Unlike regular coaching programs where you have a set number of sessions and have to wait until your next session or pay extra for an additional session, laser coaching is UNLIMITED. You can book as many 15-minute calls with me as you like during our time together. All you need to do is to have completed your action steps BEFORE booking your next session.

If you’re tired of not seeing the results you want, find it hard to know what to do next, struggle to make decisions, want to push past the mindblocks holding you back or need extra accountability to make sure you take action and stay on track, my 12 months UNLIMITED Laser Coaching is for you!

But be quick because there are only 2 spots remaining and they’re going to go FAST!

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Start 2022 off on the right foot with this 60-minute virtual workshop, I’ll help you to get unstuck and create your game plan for CRUSHing your goals EVERY SINGLE TIME. Together, we’ll tackle what’s holding you back and come up with a plan so that you can go from goal setter to goal-getter and achieve goal CRUSHing success.


3x 90-DAY RESET CALLS (value $450)

It’s important to make sure that the progress you’re making is taking you in the direction you want to go. And so, every three months we’ll hop on a 30-minute call for a quick stock-check to see where you’re at, We'll make sure you're still on the right path, tackle any roadblocks that might be standing in your way and tweak your goals as necessary.



A special membership to help you reduce the overwhelm and create more balance so you can CRUSH your goals and thrive in EVERY area of your life. Benefit from HALF-PRICE membership all the time you’re in the UNLIMITED Laser Coaching Program.


30-MINUTE CLOSING CALL (value $97)

At the end of the 12 months, we’ll have a 30-minute call to wrap things up. We’ll review everything you've accomplished, identify your goals for the coming months and create a solid plan of action going forward so that you can keep the momentum going. No leaving you high and dry!

Make 2022 your BEST year yet PLUS...get over $1,000 in EXCLUSIVE bonuses


Hey there, I'm Sarah!

Certified master life coach, goal success coach and the founder of A Simple and Contented Life. The virtual coaching practice that helps moms and moms with an online biz reduce the overwhelm and take back control so they can CRUSH their goals and thrive in EVERY area of their life.

Sometimes, you know exactly what it is you want to accomplish, you just need someone to help you make it happen. And so, I decided to create this UNLIMITED Laser Coaching program which gives you exactly what it says: no fluff, quick to-the-point laser-focused sessions designed to get you the results you want FAST.

Whether your goals are personal goals, related to your online biz, your home life (or all 3!), imagine what you could accomplish over the next 12 months with a little help from me, your goal success coach!

I've helped hundreds of women just like you to get unstuck, set meaningful goals and follow through on accomplishing their dreams. And now, it's your turn. It’s time to step into the driving seat of your life and CRUSH your goals so that you can thrive in EVERY area of your life!


How is laser coaching different from 1:1 coaching?

Clients usually come to me for one-to-one coaching because they’re either at a crossroads in their life and don’t really know what’s next or they want to work on overcoming their limiting beliefs and create and build better habits so that they can thrive in every area of their life – which requires a longer-term relationship and a different style of coaching.

Laser coaching on the other hand is MUCH more specific. The sessions are extremely targeted and usually, my clients know what results they want but need help with deciding what their next best steps should be and the additional accountability to make sure they take action.

Neither approach is better than the other, it just depends what you're looking for help with.

Is this really unlimited?

Yes! During our 12 months together, you can book as many 15-minute laser calls with me as you like. Once you’ve signed up, I’ll send you a link to book your kick-start call. After each laser call, I’ll send you the call recording, your agreed action steps and a link to book your next call. Simply complete the agreed action steps/homework before scheduling your next session.

Can I really get results in just 15 minutes?

Yes! The whole point of these strategy calls is that they’re super focused. No small talk, no beating around the bush and totally fluff-free, each call is directly focused on helping you take your next best step towards accomplishing your goal. You’ll be amazed by what can be accomplished in such a short space of time!

What if I fall behind?

You won’t! It’s your program, so you get to call the shots. You can use our time together to work on any goal you like. Once you’ve accomplished one goal, we simply move onto the next.

If for whatever reason you’re struggling to make progress, let me know and we can jump on a call to talk about what you can do to move forward. Options here usually include agreeing on easier action steps, breaking things down into smaller steps or uncovering and resolving any blocks standing in your way.

Do you offer refunds?

Sorry no. This type of mentorship requires a lot of energy and commitment from both sides. If you go into this program thinking, “Oh, if it doesn’t go as planned then I’ll just ask for a refund.” you’re setting yourself up for failure before you even start.

It’s all down to mindset and attitude. Come into this program feeling grateful for the opportunity and excited about all the amazing things you’re going to accomplish and that’s what will happen. Once payment has been made, no refunds will be given.

That being said, if after our initial 30-minute kick-start session we both feel that this is not the right program for you, your investment will be returned.

Is there a payment plan available?

Yes, payment plans for up to 6 months are available. If a payment plan is something you would be interested in, email me at and we can discuss what payment plan would work best for you.

Have other questions?

Have another question you would like to ask about UNLIMITED Laser Coaching? I’m here for you. Simply send me a message at and I’ll get back to you within 24 hours on weekdays and within 48 hours on weekends.


Ready for UNLIMITED Coaching?

Set yourself up for 2022 success and make next year your BEST year yet with my UNLIMITED Laser Coaching program.


In order to give you my undivided attention, I only take on a limited number of laser coaching clients a year…and there are only 2 spots left for 2022!

Ready to go from goal-setter to goal-getter?

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